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Delta Prototypes
Kalmar - Unmanned technology demonstrator
SR 1200 Stingray - Underwater Flight technology
ML300 - Neutral to water fauna and flora

SR 1200 Stingray

SR1200 STINGRAY plakatmodel : SR1200
overall length: 12 [m]
overall width: 1,05 [m]
crew: 6 people
status: propulsion water tests ongoing


Delta Prototypes is also working on the design of a manned submarine using hydraulically controlled, patent protected variable-geometry propeller solution, which will provide previously unmatched hydrodynamic efficiency of the watercraft and revolutionary way of manoeuvring. An innovative "Flight Assist" system combined with independently controlled rudders will make the idea of "Underwater Flight" a reality. The manner of movement will look more like flying than a standard submarine. The vehicle will be controlled in an easy, intuitive way. User interface will consist of a single, multi-functional joystick and a thrust lever. Consequently, every thrill-seeker will be able to experience a rush of adrenaline while performing spectacular underwater manoeuvres. In collaboration with project Partners, the work on STINGRAY propulsion system is underway.
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