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Kalmar - Unmanned technology demonstrator
SR 1200 Stingray - Underwater Flight technology
ML300 - Neutral to water fauna and flora


SR1200 STINGRAY plakatmodel : ML300
overall length: 3 [m]
overall width: 1,4 [m]
crew: 2 - 6 people
status: prototype assembly phase


 Manned pleasure boat using propelling technology protected by international patent law, temporarily labelled as ML300 (Michal Latacz initials, 300cm of hull length). The prototype will be fitted with a single, completely encased and protected "fixed-geometry" propeller. The 3-meter long boat will require only a 30cm of immersion. This makes it a perfect design solution for pleasure boats and simple watercrafts designed for various purposes. The pleasure boat market waits for machines which will use energy provided by man more effectively and simultaneously do not threat water fauna and flora in their their surrounding which is the cause of their potential capability to enter "quiet zones" and areas covered by the strict nature reserve. ML300 is the smallest member of the family. It will be also available in a 4-passenger version ML360 and as a ”family” boat ML420.
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