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71% of the total surface area of our Planet is covered with oceans and seas!



Thanks to the process of evolution, over a span of millions of years, nature has developed structural solutions with technical characteristics and capabilities, that remain well advanced of contemporary technology. We are deeply convinced that those solutions should constitute the basis for further development of our civilisation.
Delta Prototypes is a high-tech , company focused on the development of innovative technologies. It was established in 2007 in order to carry out research and development works on the wave propulsion of vessels imitating living organisms. As the first entity in Poland, we deal with the commercialisation of bionics solutions.
Science within Arm’s Reach”. That slogan expresses a belief that our products, resulting from advanced research and development, shape the world we live in and allow the usage of innovations in the everyday life of everyone.
Moreover, Delta Prototypes not only focuses on devising innovative environment-friendly products, but also create and use technological solutions characterised by the reduced emission of pollutants in the process of manufacturing and subsequent use.
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