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Kalmar - Unmanned technology demonstrator
SR 1200 Stingray - Underwater Flight technology
ML300 - Neutral to water fauna and flora


Kalmar podczas prób wodnych.model : SL2 [research prototype]
overall length: 0.7 [m]
overall width: 0.3 [m]
crew: unmanned
status: project completed

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 The first constructed watercraft was a remotely operated experimental prototype, a simplified version of the invention. Since the aim was to study basic characteristics of wave propeller drive, the vehicle was equipped with a displacement platform in the form of a catamaran, and a propeller totally submerged in water. This structure was used to study machine performance, including hydrodynamic efficiency, acceleration or maximum speed. The results of the tests performed in an experimental reservoir revealed high drive efficiency potential. KALMAR was definitely ahead of contemporary propeller screw drive systems (technology>>>). From the beginning the prototype has generated a lot of interest. Starting with the first public presentation, which took place in the Natural History Museum of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow, through the shows in Krakow’s Market Square during the 2007 Science Festival, to the largest International Summit of Innovation and New Technologies – Brussels Innova Expo 2007, where it was awarded with a Gold Medal with distinction from the international jury of experts. The innovative geometry and the novel way of controlling the propellers are essential for achieving their high efficiency. KALMAR is equipped with “hydro-wings” with a latex membrane. Commercial solutions will be fitted with propellers of different design, but similar geometry.
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